VideoPad Video Editor App Reviews

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Excellent for small projects

I had a need for some quick editing for a small video project. This is an amazing app for the size. It is easy to use and did exactly what I needed. When I have need for larger projects (and I am sure I will in the near future), I will certainly look upgrading this app as a first choice.


This video editing software was great, but now its terrible. They are forcing you to purchase the pro version now because I cannot do half the stuff I used to do and they even make your video render and playback like CRAP when uploaded to youtube. Thanks, but no thanks. Thanks for making a once great product terrible. Money grabbing thieves.

not intuitive at all

this was not easy to learn and a lot of the features can only be accessed through purchase

its ok??


Very Good !

easy to use, great effects, intuitive and great timeline with several effects in effects. Should allow save at least 1:00 video as sample / with marks.. But I will considerer buy it after test some features

Very good!

This is an excelent program for those who are just starting editig videos. It has all the features that I needed so far and it’s very simple and easy to use.

Can’t believe it’s free!

Beautifully laid out in a way that should be familiar to anyone who has worked with Adobe software. Quite easy to use.

Works Amazing 100%

Works so good its fast and works great best free video editor out there

Please bring back the old transition

i want the old transition back its way to use. Sometimes the new transition mode doesnt work so please fix it the and good product

Exactly what I needed

I used to use Windows Movie Maker for simple, quick-and-dirty video editing on Windows, but I havent been able to find anything similar for Mac. I tried a lot of other applications, but VideoPad is by-far the best one. Very simple video clip and audio clip management, track splitting, frame-by-frame seeking, imports and exports a variety of formats and supports several output resolutions (including custom!). I would definitely recommend this.

Slow video loadup

I found this to be like imoive. I only got as far as dragging my videos to the timeline and thats where I stopped. It took it forever to load the clip up to even view it. Trying to find a video editor that works well.

Wouldn’t even launch

Just kept crashing (Macbook Air with i7 and 8 gigs of RAM)

Worst app ive ever used!

Ive been looking for like 5 hours for an editor that wasnt glitchy and would play my videos correctly, the style of the app was very old looking, not that that matters too much but whatever, and when i went to play my video, the quality was bad, only the audio would play and i was stuck on the screen so i had to completly shut off my laptop. Not sure if this app works for other people but i certainly did not have a very nice experience with it.


Useless. Opens for 3 seconds and then crashes.JUNK!


Thank you

Best for me

I tried many free video editors but only VideoPad is both powerfull and simple for beginners. Its the best for me!

Still a lot of work to Do

i do a lot of video editing in my line of work and also for Youtube. This software offers “bare minimum” video editing abilities for the user. It is a great cheap method for users to group montages together (as long as the clips are already edited before hand); however, if you already have the edited clips, you might as well use the software you used to edit the clips in the making of those montages. You will not be able to extensively edit and modify unedited clips using this software. Loading the files can sometimes take a rather lengthy time (most softwares are nearly instant). Inputs can sometimes lag. I’ve noticed several times where I wanted to cut a clip at a precise moment, and when I click the pause button, it wouldn’t pause for an additional second, nowhere close to good enough for a detailed oriented person. In general, the developers have a lot of work to do before this can be used as an acceptable method. In it’s current stage, I can’t think of anything this software would be acceptable for doing.

Can’t export video

You can’t export video once it’s been edited. So this is a useless app.

Its OK

This is a great app if you know how to use it. It is simple so you dont need much experience in the video developing background. The only problem I have is that you cannot export the video. I have worked on a video for a long time, but the problem now is that I cannot share it with anyone, so whats the point?

Great for Editing Screencasts for Co-Workers

I really needed an app that allowed me to cheaply edit screen casts to make them < 5 minutes to keep co-workers attention and share information with the rest of my team. This app is awesome, especially for being free! Yes, as far as paid apps go, for the full version, the UI and effects is lacking quite a bit, but for what you are getting for free this is awesome. I was able to record a new screen cast using Quicktime built into OSX, edit it in VideoPad, and then export as a valid MP4 with H.264 encoding, all without needing any help, or reading documentation. H.264 is critical to me as all of my co-workers’ devices can play my short and sweet screen casts. To be fair, I am used to non-linear editors, such as AVS4YOU and Movavi, so this has a very standard interface that is easy to pick up for those with a little experience. Bottom Line: I have not found a better non-linear video editor for free such as this tool and think the developer has done a great job in offering basic functionality, and then allowing more advanced functionality to be purchased in the future. Very awesome, easy to share with co-workers without a PO.

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